Ultimate Financial Services

We offer professional services to both Georgian and international companies


Financial Audit

Top quality auditing services according to International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

Investment Banking

Creating different types of financial statements and evaluating future business scenarios.


Valuation of businesses, land, buildings, machinery and other real and movable property.

Tax Advisory

Introduction of tax system, tax audit of past and current period.

Turnaround Management

Solve various financial and operational problems and maintain stability

Due Diligence

Detection of economic crime, misappropriation of funds or other fraud in companies

IFRS Adoption

Improving accounting policies, increasing transparency, improving the quality of financial management

Accounting Services

Development of accounting policy, accounting, accurate reflection of business operations

Kudos Academy

Theoretical and practical corporate trainings, preparation for certification, qualification courses

About Us

“Kudos Georgia” is a full member of the international professional service network “Kudos International Network”, which is represented in 35 countries around the world.

Our success is ensured by a highly qualified and experienced team of certified public accountants, appraisers, auditors, experts with extensive experience in professional services in various fields such as banking, microfinance, energy, logistics, communication, agriculture, state organizations, NGOs and others.





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Kudos International Network

Kudos International Network is an accounting and auditing network. It was set up in November 2012 and is targeted at firms with a strong interest in audit quality and those with good ISQC 1 procedures in place across the firm.

We are pleased to have been admitted as full members of the Forum of Firms. Membership of the forum is only open to networks that have implemented a globally coordinated internal quality assurance review program, are committed to the use of International Standards on Auditing and have met other specific ethical requirements.

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