Why Kudos Georgia’s accounting services?


Dear potential customer, presented herein are 10 key advantages offered by Kudos:

  • In addition to accountants, tax experts, financiers, and auditors play integral roles within accounting services. Consequently, the occurrence of tax and other related risks is mitigated.
  • In the event of an accountant’s departure, the accounting process experiences no delays as we promptly replace the staff.
  • Business operations are accurately and comprehensively reflected in the accounting database in a timely manner.
  • We diligently provide necessary information to commercial banks, revenue services, and other relevant organizations and interested parties in a complete and timely fashion.
  • Management is relieved of the responsibility of overseeing the accounting department, enabling them to focus on core business functions.
  • Our responsibility is safeguarded through insurance, ensuring accountability for tax and/or other financial losses arising from our actions within the scope of service provision.
  • Clients are proactively alerted about anticipated tax risks well in advance.
  • Monthly financial reports are meticulously prepared, offering management a comprehensive view of the company’s financial situation and results.
  • Existing clients enjoy exclusive access to other Kudos services at significantly discounted rates.
  • We facilitate connections between our clients, fostering opportunities for them to offer goods or services to each other on preferential terms.



Accounting and bookkeeping in accordance with appropriate standards and regulations is a crucial issue in companies, the management is able to create a realistic view of the business and therefore make the right decisions, while the malfunction of the accounting system, in many cases, is the reason for the reversal of the business, because during the process of taking decision, the management cannot rely on the correct and real numerical information that reflects the operations performed in the company.


Kudos Georgia offers our potential customers the following types of accounting services:

  • Develop appropriate accounting policies based on the specifics of the company;
  • Delegate and instruct operations regarding accounting policies;
  • Ensure timely, exact and complete accounting of business operations;
  • Financial and other reporting for stakeholders in agreed format;
  • Controlling preparation and submission process of annual and monthly declarations to the tax authorities;
  • Other related services.

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Why to choose accounting services in Tbilisi?

Choosing accounting services in Tbilisi, or any location for that matter, depends on various factors specific to your business needs and circumstances. Here are some reasons why you might consider opting for accounting services in Tbilisi:

  1. Local Expertise: Accountants based in Tbilisi are likely to have a deep understanding of the local tax laws, regulations, and compliance requirements. They can help ensure that your business stays in compliance with Georgian tax laws.

  2. Language and Cultural Familiarity: Local accountants in Tbilisi are likely to be fluent in Georgian and possibly other relevant languages. This can facilitate smooth communication and understanding between you and your accountant.

  3. Proximity and Accessibility: Having an accountant in the same city makes it easier to meet face-to-face, if necessary. This can be particularly beneficial if you prefer in-person interactions or need to provide physical documents.

  4. Network and Connections: Local accountants often have a network of connections in the business community. This can be valuable for making introductions or accessing other services you might need for your business.

  5. Knowledge of Industry Specifics: Accountants in Tbilisi may have experience working with businesses in various industries that are common in the region. They might have specific insights or knowledge that could be advantageous for your business.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Depending on your specific needs, hiring a local accountant in Tbilisi might be more cost-effective than hiring an international firm, especially if your business operations are primarily based in Georgia.

  7. Ease of Handling Local Taxation: Dealing with taxes in a foreign country can be complex. Local accountants are well-versed in the nuances of the Georgian tax system, which can help you navigate this terrain more effectively.

  8. Understanding of International Business: If your business engages in international transactions or has complex financial structures, a local accountant in Tbilisi with experience in international business can be invaluable.