Investment banking is the division of Kudos Georgia that serves corporations by providing underwriting (capital raising) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services. Investment banks act as intermediaries between investors (who have money to invest) and corporations (who require capital to grow and run their businesses).

We are in constant contact with both the additional capital seeker and the investor, we know their needs, plans, ideas, interests and we try our best to connect them with and our ultimate goal is to achieve a profitable deal for both parties.

The work related to investment banking is mainly as follows:

  • Financial modeling

    Performing a wide range of financial modeling activities such as building different kinds of financial statements, we evaluate future business scenarios and establish this assessment with many calculations and appropriate assumptions;

  • Business valuation

    Using a wide range of valuation methods such as comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and DCF analysis;

  • Presentations

    We prepare interesting presentations and pitchbooks about the company for both the investor and the recipient of the capital, we present the strengths of the company and their capabilities;

  • Transaction documents

    Together with our lawyers we prepare all types of legal documents related to the implementation of the transaction;

  • Relationship management

    Working with existing clients to successfully close a deal and make sure clients are happy with the service being provided.