In 2019 kudos Georgia has established a new and interesting field of activity-Kudos Academy. The aim of the academy is to offer students a certification training program in various professional fields, which will help to form qualified personnel in the professional market.

Kudos Academy is a member of PCP Global (International Association of Accountants and Auditors) and provides full accounting, financial reporting and related issues to trainees with the relevant study materials.

From 2020 it’s possible to take ACCA online exams at the Kudos Academy.

The training courses of the academy are divided into several main categories:

  • Theoretical and practical corporate training on a specific issue;
  • Preparation for international certification;
  • Qualification courses;
  • Short-term workshops.

At the request of the trainers, we are actively lecturing on specific issues such as:

  • value added tax;
  • property tax calculation;
  • financial reporting preparation;
  • income statement preparation and other similar topics.