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In today’s reality, with growing competition and globalization, as companies grow, expand, and position themselves in different countries, it has become essential to deserve a trust of business owners or potential investors, trust is provided by auditing services in various fields.


Investment banking is the division of Kudos Georgia that serves corporations by providing underwriting (capital raising) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services. Investment banks act as intermediaries between investors (who have money to invest) and corporations (who require capital to grow and run their businesses).


Kudos Georgia’s valuation advisory team has the practical, market-savvy experience to research and deliver accurate, defensible valuation data, which can enhance your company’s strategic, operational or financial objectives


In today’s rapidly changing tax legislative space, it is very important to have a thorough knowledge of the law and its proper use. Most companies do not have a proper tax system and this circumstance leads to either inefficient use of cash resources as they may pay more taxes than they are entitled to, or increase the risk of tax liability because they pay fewer taxes than required by law.


Our corporate restructuring and turnarounds team helps companies that are facing significant financial and operational challenges, including rapidly deteriorating performance trends, excessive leverage, liquidity concerns, loss of key management or clients, and refinancing risk. We also work with distressed companies grappling with sudden and dramatic challenges from disruptive market forces or other factors.


Our qualified team provides customer service to detect economic crime, misappropriation of funds or other fraud in companies. Upon completion of this type of service, the customer will be provided with a detailed report on the investigated and existing circumstances.


Our company ensures the improvement of companies ’accounting policies, the introduction of IFRS, which helps to increase transparency and improve the quality of financial management. In addition to accounting and financial activities, the adoption of IFRS has a positive impact on the company's IT, legal, sales, marketing, human resource management and other areas.


Accounting and bookkeeping in accordance with appropriate standards and regulations is a crucial issue in companies, the management is able to create a realistic view of the business and therefore make the right decisions, while the malfunction of the accounting system, in many cases, is the reason for the reversal of the business, because during the process of taking decision, the management cannot rely on the correct and real numerical information that reflects the operations performed in the company.


In 2019 kudos Georgia has established a new and interesting field of activity-Kudos Academy. The aim of the academy is to offer students a certification training program in various professional fields, which will help to form qualified personnel in the professional market.